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A Season of Love~
A Season of Love: Stories to Help Heal, Grow and Find Peace Within," 
by author Fran Hafey, encompasses spiritual experiences that reveal the connection between one’s power within and the Divine energy. 

Finding inner peace is a wonderful feat, but also a difficult thing to do. How can a person find the way to absolute harmony? Author Fran “Mystiblu” Hafey unleashes her literary prowess to share spiritually inspiring and life-changing insights in her publishing debut, A Season of Love: Stories to Help Heal, Grow and Find Peace Within. This book will take readers on a meaningful journey through a mystic experience as it presents indispensable insights and wisdom.

“A Season of Love: Stories to Help Heal, Grow and Find Peace Within," 
is the most practical experience of a practical mystic, one who is in union with God’s Spirit and the Human Spirit of each person. She writes about the connection between our power within and the Divine energy, power of the Universe and our God. She recognizes that the encounter of God in our everyday experiences liberates something within us, a hope, a capacity for life, a resilience to bounce back, a capacity to grow, change and a power for creative transformation,” says Sister Carla Przybilla, CSF. Ph.D. (1935-2004).

Through the stories within the pages of this revealing book, readers will find a better understanding about life and God. A Season of Love: Stories to Help Heal, Grow and Find Peace Within will help them find the road to healing, growth and inner peace.

This book was featured at the 2012 Pennsylvania School Library Association Book Exhibit in Hershey, PA, on April 12-14, 2012.
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About the Author 
Fran Hafey or Mysti is a writer, spiritualist, teacher, mentor and consultant. Living in the mountains of Virginia with her husband, dogs, birds and nature, she writes, enjoys gardening, amateur photography, playing her flute, peace and quiet and all the wildlife near her woodland home. She is an Earth, human rights, and animal activist who shares her time and energy with several organizations for saving the land, environment, green, helping wolves and other animals in danger, and standing up to create peace, not violence. She’s facilitated spiritual, natural health, green living, light worker and healer discussion groups on the internet for over sixteen years, securing a place for people to come to share their spiritual experiences and questions without fear of being judged or feeling alone in this world. 

Mystickblue, her website and the heart of what she does, has grown over the years to help people find their inner power and path, heal, believe and have faith. This is her first book, but there will be more to come in the future, including heartfelt animal stories, more daily guidance with meditations, peace, light, love and nature stories for all ages. To contact the author, interested parties can visit her website at http://www.Mystickblue.com or send her an email through mystiblu@gmail.com, and Facebook pages, Mysti blu or Mystickblue, Mystickblue Kindred Spirits, SoulConnections and Blue Ridge Kindred Spirits; also her author page, “Fran Mystiblu Hafey-A Season of Love.”

A Season of Love by Fran ''Mystiblu'' Hafey 
Stories to Help Heal, Grow and Find Peace Within 
Publication Date: July 1, 2011 
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