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About Mystickblue~
Mystickblue was founded in 2000, creating a place for people to come to share, ask questions and learn about spiritual topics. Through my discussion groups, website, Spiritual Consulting, Counseling and Visionary Writing, people got to know me. My discussion groups were very popular, growing to thousands of members from all over the world. People have come to know me for being fair, standing up for those who never felt they belonged in the "normal, average" society and for being very openminded, believing in miracles and magic! I have never proclaimed I know it all, but I am open to learning what others believe and I understand there are many paths to our Divine Higher Power and everyone has the right to follow their own path without judgment. I started my business in a time when people needed help in finding their true selves and a path they perhaps felt a calling to all their lives. I helped open minds and hearts to their truth.

In eighteen years, I have grown in so many ways and I have worked hard to keep Mystickblue growing. I remember when the internet was less complicated, when we were all learning how to connect with people in new ways. For me, the internet was a way to meet people of different faiths and beliefs and find people out there like me! I always felt different, more sensitive, curious and closer to animals and nature than people. I had angels and spirit guides, but I didn't know what it was until getting on the internet. Once that happened, I became like a sponge, soaking it all in and doors began to open to more interesting experiences for me. I knew I had found the real me and what I am here to do in this lifetime. 

Yes, I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sharing information about how to help Mother Earth, Humans, Animals, Love, Peace and doing my best to keep a good positive attitude alive and well! I love discussing Gardening, Plants as Medicine, Natural Living, Country Living, Recipes, Crystals and Stones, Paranormal, Dogs, Nature and the list goes on and on! Look for me under Mysti or Fran Mysti Hafey. My original Mystickblue Group is now called Mystickblue Kindred Spirits! I have pages at FB too! My book page, Mystickblue and SoulConnections!

                           Blessings and Light, 

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Me and my husband, Ron. We've been together a long time, through thick and thin! We're partners in every sense of the word, always there for one another. 
Mystickblue~ Fran Mysti Hafey® 
P.O. Box 82, Gore, VA 22637
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