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Angels for Animals
I am an Animal Advocate here to help Animals, wild and domesticated. 
I am their Voice. 

I am creating this page to share information and ways to connect, donate, sign petitions, adopt and help those in need. Every day, I share hundreds of posts on Facebook and Twitter about dogs and cats in shelters all over the USA, sometimes horses, donkeys and other animals too! I know there are many people doing their best to help too and I love them for it!

We all need to Spay and Neuter pets to lower the population. There are TOO MANY being surrendered every day to Shelters that cannot help all of them, try as they might. Thousands of pets are being euthanized monthly at alarming rates and this HAS TO STOP! There are many Veternarians giving their time for free or lower prices, but there are still too many charging high prices making it diffucult for some people to get the best health care for their pets. Yearly physicals, vaccinations, spaying or neutering, are still priced too high for some pet owners to afford emergencies if they happen! I don't like hearing people say, "If you can't afford a pet, don't have one!" The same goes for children, but we have them and we learn to adjust our budgets the best we can, but normal folks, may have an emergency now and then and that doesn't mean they are not worthy to have kids or pets!

Many Rescues take in animals and they are overloaded and just don't have the funds to do it all! That's where donating, sharing posts and information with others, fostering and adopting somes in. We can all choose one or a few Rescues to help out even more by donating more often. We rescued a Pomeranian from a Rescue in South Carolina and we shop at Amazon and use the Amazon Smile donation button to give to them everytime we shop! There's lots of ways to help Rescues if you aren't able to adopt, foster or give them a lot of money! Sharing when they need help saving animals, sharing posts and giving when you can, is a great way! I will be adding more ways to donate, on this page and throughout my website, so keep watching!

What are others ways you can help? Spay or Neuter your pet! Adopt don't Shop! Help people out when they need help, now and then. Voulunteer! Donate when you can or donate blankets, food or supplies that Rescues always need! If in doubt, call them or email them and ask. You can also shop at Thrift Stores if there is one affiliated with that Rescue. Sometimes, Rescues have "Auctions" or other ways to raise money. There may be a Rescue near you or one you've adopted from before, a maybe a friend or family member told you a particular Rescue needs extra help. So, don't feel bad if you can't always donate a lot of money, foster or adopt from a Rescue, because there are lots of ways to help!

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Thank you for your kindness and respect.
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