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Health and Harmony Holistic Living 
My Facebook Group about Holistic Health, Healthy Alternatives, Essential Oils, Herbs, Organic Gardening, Pets, Crystals and Eating and Living for a Healthier life. I have knowledge about many things, my passions and natural ways of life, but I have not always "Walked my Talk," as much as I could, but I'm ready now! I am still learning and love a good discussion with folks about all sorts of things! My Spiritual path and my passions have led me here!  
Mystickblue Cottage~
Mystickblue Cottage is my shop where I create and sekk "Handmade Jewelry and Vintage Treasures!" My Jewelry is for healing, joy and love. My lava rock jewelry holds Essential Oils in them to help you daily. I also make jewelry for Veterans and with each sale I donate money to my local Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1019!

Mystickblue Zazzle~
Mystickblue Zazzle is where you can find products for those who love positive and light themed items. Check out my "Peace" t-shirts and mystical items. Customize all sorts of products for home, office, pets, family and yourself! T-shirts, mugs, home decor and more!
Valley Warriors 1019~
Valley Warriors 1019 was created to help Vietnam Veterans of America and other Veterans find items that are unique and hard to find anywhere else! We also have Military items too. A portion of all sales goes to our VVA Chapter 1019 in Winchester Virginia to help Vietnam Veterans and their families, homeless Veterans, other Vet/Military related causes or where we see a need. 
              ~Remember to Thank a Vet today!~
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Mystickblue Kindred Spirits Facebook Group~
Mystickblue Kindred Spirits is my original group I had at Yahoo many years ago! The group has existed for 20 years and although its still at Yahoo, I've brought it to Social Media with a few of my other groups. Some of the original members are there! We've lost some along the way, who are now on the other side, but they are still with us in spririt, always. A group for spiritual minded folks, who believe in miracles and magic and so much more!
A Moment with Mysti~ 
My Blog at WordPress, where I share my thoughts, stories and experiences in life that may help others in many areas of their lives.