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Natural Health Coaching~
I am a Certified Natural Health Consultant and Relaxation Therapist. I know from my own experiences how difficult it can be to relax. Stress is more than just an over used word in today's society. Stress can affect us body, mind and spirit. I prefer natural ways of life to conventional, but sometimes we need to listen to our physicians and do what's best for us until we can find a better way. For me, seeking what I love, doing what feels best for me, my personal spiritual path and not following the road most traveled has helped me find peace, and practice it daily. I'm not perfect, I have some rough days and I have a long journey still ahead of me, but I can help you! I am a down to earth teacher with a sense of humor and I look forward to scheduling some time with you. In the near future, I will be available for consults/sessions and I will also offer some cool classes! So come by often to see my updates! Of course I am on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

I am offering Natural Health Coaching Sessions. My Coaching Sessions are different than classes. My Natural Health Coaching Sessions are just me and you and we discuss what ever you would like. We can have one session or many, whatever feels best for you. I can help you find natural ways to help your body, mind and spirit. I may help you learn about herbs, whole foods, plants, detoxing, using natural, holistic or homeopathic remedies instead of just conventional ways of healing. The topics are limitless!

I will NEVER tell you to stop going to your doctor or to stop taking your medications!
I am here to Assist and Consult.

*I can and will help you:*

*Find blocks and baggage to let go of that are interfering with your health, harmony and wellbeing. 
*Learn about what we put into/onto our bodies and how this can affect us.
*Learn about negative energy and how to bring more positivity into your life.
*How to buy, prepare and grow healthy whole foods.
*Learn more about Essential Oils.
*Learn basics about crystals and stones and how they help us.
*Learn about the immune system and what affects it good and bad.
*Find out how everything is connected.
*Learn how healing comes from within.
*Learn how to meditate and count your blessings; being grateful!
*Learn how stress affects us body, mind and spirit.
*Find love and healing with Pets.
*Take loving care of yourself.

​I will be adding more to this list! I am writing up the outline for "Classes" now but I'm trying to keep it simple! I will have a Class for a few at a time and then Personal Classes for One-on-One. If you think you may be interested in a class with some of these topics, feel free to contact me and let me know. I will have more information soon! Thank you for being here!
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