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​Welcome to Mystickblue~
"Where we believe in Miracles and Magic~"
Mystickblue~ Fran Mysti Hafey® 
P.O. Box 3, Mauertown, VA 22644
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Thank you for your kindness and respect.
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For those who have known me over the years and those just finding me for the first time, 
"Hello and Welcome".

Mystickblue is about helping to heal the planet and ourselves. Helping those that need help, be it people, animals, nature and so on. Mystickblue is about teaching a positive, healthier way of living holistically and helping to find a loving and peaceful way of life.

Just as all things change, I have changed too. But, my core values and beliefs have not. I still believe in kindness and love, speaking truth, being fair and that everyone has the right to follow their own path in life without judgment or interferrence, as long as they do no harm to others. I have always believed this, even before the world seemed to go so far out of balance!

I am older and wiser, grayer and rounder, the crone. I suppose I am calmer, sometimes, it depends on the topic. Today's world may try and shake us up, confuse us and change us in ways that go against our grain, but we have to stand firm on what we know from our heart and soul.

I learn something new everyday! I love that about life; being able to learn new and exciting things no matter how old we are! I feel I have come to a place within myself, my soul journey, my path and blueprint in life, where I feel at peace. Although there are all sorts of crazy energies around me in the world, I can choose how and where I use my energy. Believe me, somedays I don't have much energy because I feel tired, rundown and just plain sick. My body is not in balance, but I work at it everyday! 

We sure do abuse ourselves; body, mind and spirit! I could tell you so many stories and lessons I've experienced. I love sharing stories because they are part of the lessons and if we don't share them they can be lost forever when we are gone. 

 We all need love and kindness. Right now, we must do our best not to judge, not to be afraid, to live our lives the way we choose, be happy and remember what we think, speak and act goes out and will comes back to us! 

Create joy, try not to complain, do your best, ask for higher guidance, be good, be kind, help others, be grateful, pay attention and remember... the world may be ours for now, but, we need to sow seeds of love and peace for now and the future!

I hope you enjoy my website. The original "Mystickblue" was created about twenty years ago. I lost the original files, so I am adding them back as I have time. The messages and stories within it have traveled all over the world, touching people who appreciate it, want it or need it. I am one, but we are all connected and I pray my small contribution to the world touches your Soul.~ Thank you for finding your way here. 

Take a look around and see what Mystickblue is all about!

Blessings, love, peace, joy and light~