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Mystickblue is a place to touch your soul, heart, mind and spirit. 

I'm Fran, or Mystiblu. I am a down to Earth Intuitive Mystic, Minister, Teacher, Author, Mentor, Lightworker and Reiki Practioner. I offer Spiritual Teaching, Personal Mentoring and positive tools for life. I help others find their spiritual path, peace and answers for their lives. I am a semi-self schooled Spiritual Teacher-Healer who embraces my path and life purpose. I began communicating with nature, animals and spirit guides from a young age. I use Reiki and natural healin, crystals and positive energy, to help in all areas of my life. I live in Virginia, in the country, where the mountains meet the sky and I'm surrounded by trees and wildlife. I also work with animals and do house blessings if you're close by.

I combine my Mentoring and my Spiritual Coaching to help you to understand your life purpose, find a path that works for you and help you attract positive energy into your life while letting go of what doesn't work. I can help you increase your awareness of your own inner power and ways to heal your relationships. 

We all need peace within and to create peace everywhere! We can make a difference! We all have choices. We can choose to be kind, make changes for the better, clean our home-Mother Earth and help all life. We can be good, positive role models and treat others the way we want to be treated! When we think, speak and act positive, that's the energy we're putting out into the the world! Contact me to find out more!

My book, "A Season of Love," is now available!! Visit my book page to get a copy of your own or an e-book edition. Thank you!

Find me at My Blog~ A Moment with Mysti

"The task ahead of you is never as great as the Power within you."

Love, light, peace, joy and blessings
      ~Mystiblu~ Fran Hafey       
Mystickblue is dedicated to helping People, the environment, animals, wild and domestic, and the belief that all people have the right to choose what they believe and what path they walk. Please take a look at all the different pages and enjoy. Mysti is also a Writer/Author sharing her stories, helpful articles and her own books promoting peace, love, inspiration and a higher understanding of Spirituality. 

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Thank you for your support whether it be of energy, love or donations, it's all appreciated! A portion of your donation and the sale of my books goes to help Vietnam Veterans in need, wolves, wildlife and Humanitarian causes. 
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Please do not remove or copy any of the contents of this website. Any pictures here at this site, that have not been given adequate recognition, I apologize. Please message me with information if you are the owner and it will be taken care of. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and treating others as I would want to be treated. Layout, Creativity and design done by Fran Hafey/Mystiblu. 
Thank you. 

All readings and counseling sessions are confidential.

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"You are not created by the Divine; you are created of the Divine. You might pretend you are separate, but you can never really be separate. Enlightenment is about ending the pretense. When you stop the pretending, you will realize what has been true all along. You are one with God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is... you are one with Love."
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