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SoulConnections has always been about Twinflames, TwinSouls, our Souls connecting as One, being in union and joined in light and love. For many years, I've shared about Twins, Soul Families, Soul Connections and Soulmates. I was blessed to have some time with my Twinflame, to touch his soul and share his wisdom. We were not meant to be together in this life time because it would have hurt others. We both felt as Lightworkers, causing pain to others and putting ourselves first, wasn't right. I won't deny it hurt and I ache for him from time to time, but I know we are always connected. I am still human.
 It's not always about having a relationship in the physical or having a sexual relationship, raising a family with them or spending our golden years together. Our lessons here on earth can often be about recognizing their energy, merging and being one with them and hearing the call from our souls. I will share some of my own experiences with my Twin Soul and how it helped me change and mature spiritually.

"The supreme state of human love is... the unity of one soul in two bodies."
~Sri Aurobindo

~Love is the key~

~Fran Mystiblu Hafey~

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The Awakening~

I dreamt of him first, then circumstances led us to find one another online. We never talked on a phone, never wrote letters and never met in person. We live an ocean apart, literally and many lifetimes, so it seems. Our worlds are very different and it may be written in our blueprints that we were never meant to meet in person this time around. But, we have awakened and know each other now and for always.

Since my Twinflame and I learned of each other, I've read many websites and books and I have asked questions in Spiritual circles, talked to spiritual friends and talked to my spirit guides, angels, helpers and SpiritGod/Source/Creator. What I've learned thus far is, that Soul relationships can have similarities, but they are very unique. In my search for answers, I found by going within and learning to love myself was a key to getting to know more about my Twin. I have my own personal views on Twin Flame relationships and on this page I will do my best to share information from my own personal experiences and other sources. 

The term Soulmates has been overused for quite some time and many people seem to think it means finding that perfect person to date, marry or be with in this lifetime. For me, Soul Mate is a term for a group or category of relationships or connections on different levels of the Soul. There are Twin Flames/Twin Souls, Companion Soul Mates, Kindred Soul Mates and perhaps others by different names in different cultures. These relationships could be family or friends, which we meet all over world and internet, that may come and go for short periods to help us learn and grow; some will stay, some will not, it all depends on the lessons and the bond. Some, we have Karmic lessons to learn with. Those in our Soul family or circle, often are those we have shared past lives with before, possibly many times; that's why they feel so familiar and may be on similar paths as we are. Sometimes these relationships are not meant to be smooth because we have lessons to learn, share and to help each other with. There are also links and bonds that occur between people with strong empathic and psychic abilities and those adept in energy, metaphysical, chakra and magical work. These bonds can be very powerful and resemble Twin Flame connections.

There are many different views of what Soul relationships are about. Some believe our Twin Flame is not incarnated in this lifetime, but are on the other side, guiding us. I feel that could be true, that sometimes our Twins are not here in this lifetime in human form, but are helping us from other realms in spirit. If so, I feel this was agreed upon by both Twins before each incarnation or birth.

As Earth grows and shifts, so do we. The energies around us and within us are changing. These shifts have been foretold about for a long time, perhaps as the "Age of Aquarius" or the Ascension. I feel these shifts have caused changes in how Twin Flames and Soul Mates are meeting and coming together; along with our Soul families. It's very important at this time for them to come together for the highest good of all, to bring about peace, unconditional love and to create a better world. Our energy is intense and very important.  
There is a much higher purpose than romance, companionship and friendship, even though those are wonderful to have and they may very well come about, as Souls and Light energy, so much more is possible now than ever before. When we begin to awaken, find our own higher purpose and begin to live it, believe it and share it, that's when our Souls begin to reach a vibrational level that sends out a beacon or light, or a vibrational signal for our Twin Flame to find us. When this happens, it's an incredible time of recognition, remembering, knowing, believing, growing, loving and coming together. We were divided into masculine and feminine energy in the beginning of time, so each could learn. Our bodies may have been separated, but our souls were not. When the time is right, we will reunite in all ways. 

Just because you find your Twin Flame, doesn't mean things will be perfect or easy. Actually, the harder work has just begun! My twin and I feel that it's one of the hardest things we've ever done. We know we're blessed and share this knowing with each other as we grow and complete the phases of our "reunion," but life stresses and our individual paths can keep us apart in the physical at times. The more we mature spiritually, the more we understand and affirm our love for one another... our hearts grow even closer. There are no rules, no guidebook, not all connections are the same; so listen to your heart and do what feels right for you, always loving and believing in your Twin. SpiritGod/Creator orchestrated everything, we can't set "terms" on one another. Twin Flame relationships aren't like "earthly" relationships, once they find one another, communication is very important and working together to create love for everyone involved. We grow just as our love grows too.

We've lived many lives and have our own personalities. We may not even be physically attracted to each other, but we cannot deny that "flame" that has been rekindled and the burning within our Souls that helps us work together for a higher good. We understand the love and the light we each hold within us and how we have important things to do in this lifetime. We feel one another's energy and long to be together, but as many other Twin Flames have found out, there are obstacles and challanges, we must grow and work through before that can happen. As I said above, completeing the phases of our reunion.

Many people feel that once we've found one another, all things just fall into place. Twin Flames are two parts of one Soul, brought together, but we are also two people with two separate lives and we've been given the gift of free will. We can choose not to be together in the physical, but to live with a Companion Soulmates and be together in Spirit only. This isn't always easy either. Being with Companion Soulmates or in other Soulmate relationships are very important because they help us to learn and prepare us for what is to come with our true "mate of our Soul."

As we work towards our Ascension, I feel more Twinflames/Twinsouls will find each other as we each work on our own Spirituality. We're clearing the paths of the old and making way for the new. We're One with the Creator; we are creators and we can manifest abundance, joy, love, peace and harmony into our lives for the highest good.

~Myst and her Mate~

I Believe~

This page is dedicated to two men in my life...
my Twinflame and my Companion Soulmate, my husband. They have both helped me in so many ways to grow beyond my dreams. I am finally learning to fly!! Thank you. I love you both very much and wish you happiness always.~ 
What is Divine Love? You ask.
 When you know you are loved... beyond all the reasons, beyond all the memories and beyond all images of love... when you know you are loved for no reason at all, then you know Divine love... then you truly know how to be loving.
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