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Coming Back Soon~ Much more to come!
SoulConnections has always been about Twinflames, TwinSouls, our Souls connecting as one and being in union, joined in light and love. For many years I've shared my thoughts about Twins, soul families, soul connections and soulmates. I was blessed to have some time with my Twinflame and to touch his soul and share his wisdom. We both felt it was not the right timing for us in this lifetime because it would have hurt others and sometimes we have to rise higher to connect in energy, dreams and other dimensions to be with them. It is not always about having a relationship in the physical or having a sexual relationship, family with them or spending our golden years together. Our lessons here on earth can often be about recognizing their energy, merging and being one with them and hearing the calls from our souls. I will share some of the lessons I have learned from my own experience with my Twin Soul anad how it helped me change and mature spiritually.

"The supreme state of human love is... the unity of one soul in two bodies."~Sri Aurobindo

Love is the key~

~Fran Mystiblu Hafey~

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